Taping Policy

Midnight Spaghetti considers each of our shows to be unique experiences worthy of preservation. Therefore, we encourage the taping and trading of our live performances.

Audio and video taping is permitted to all ticketed audience members, provided they adhere to these guidelines:

  • Tapers can tape from any ticketed seating location in the venue.
  • Please be considerate of those around you by not obstructing anyone’s view of the performance.
  • Tapers are assumed to be using audience microphones for sound recordings. Direct connections to the sound board are generally not available.
  • All taping must be for personal use only, which may include trading (via any storage medium, analog or digital, or online trading resource).
  • Recordings may be traded only for an equivalent amount of similar media (cassettes or CDs, pre-recorded or blank) and/or stamped, self-addressed envelopes.
  • No money may ever be exchanged as part of a trade.
  • Photography is also permitted at our live performances. Photographs are permitted for personal use only.

Midnight Spaghetti loves archiving and can’t get enough of it. If you find it convenient, send us a copy of your work. We would be ever so grateful, you can reach us HERE.

Audience taping and photography at Midnight Spaghetti concerts is authorized for non-commercial purposes only. Unauthorized sale, duplication and/or distribution is strictly forbidden. All Midnight Spaghetti performances and recordings are the exclusive property of Midnight Spaghetti. All rights reserved. No waiver of any copyright or trademark right is intended.