[Velour On The Floor] is one of the most creative and enjoyable records I have heard in a long time. It answers the question, what would happen if a party broke out and somebody happened to record it?

Darryl Joyner, Realize Records

Funk has always been the eccentric uncle of R&B, with a long history of platform shoes, reckless dance moves and costumed performers. For many of funk’s greatest practitioners (George Clinton comes to mind), the visual experience is as integral to the music as the bass groove. Midnight Spaghetti is no exception in that regard, and their shows have become noteworthy—not only for tight dance tunes, but for thrift-store suits, Spider-Man costumes, and the power helmet.

Jonas Beals, The Free Lance-Star

Not only does this band clearly have a fantastic name, but they also are freakin’ funktacular. Midnight Spaghetti blends elements of funk, soul, jazz and hip-hop to create a sonic stew. Plus, I hear they wear weird costumes when they perform. You know, like GWAR. But not as scary.