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Posted December 14, 2018 at 11:21 am

Midnight Spaghetti is excited to announce we will be celebrating NYE  at the City Table in Petersburg , VA.  Tracking for our horn arrangements are underway for the new album ” Another World “.  With our Mexico trip around the corner, it is safe to say the album will be done closer  to our 16yr anniversary in February or early Spring.  We are very excited to share the new tunes with you.  Some have been played at shows already, but for many of you this will be a new tasting pasta all together.  Get ready.  See you in MEXICO.  50 people are coming!  Sounds like a funk invasion.

Shows, Recording, and Mexico.

Posted October 1, 2018 at 9:44 am

Progress on the third studio album from Midnight Spaghetti continues. The band has been playing more shows, and slowly sneaking in the new tunes in the sets. Our friends in Harrisburg, Pa showed us a great time at the Abbey Bar this past weekend. More info and sneak listens of the album progress/release dates are to come in the next few months. In the mean time, come see the group perform Oct 6, 11, and 19th in the Shenandoah Valley.
Season 4 of Spaghettifest Radio comes to an end Monday October 1. The show will return in November with a stronger presence in the community,events, and with more programming. We hope you listen to our show tonight, and then listen back to the archive of Spaghettifest Radio 24/7 until we start back up again. We are proud to have reach 10,000 listens in 4 seasons.
We are headed to Mexico Jan 24-28! you can come too. Check out our Travel:Mexico tab on the menu for more info.


Posted July 7, 2018 at 6:28 am


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Want to experience the fun of live Midnight Spaghetti music from our archive, or want to relive the sounds of Spaghettifest 1-14?

Listen in to the new season of Spaghettifest Radio. With special guest, games,vintage sets from the archive, and even more programs planned in the next year, we can’t wait to have you be a part of Season 4.

Be here Mondays @ 9:30pm to link up.


Posted October 11, 2017 at 9:59 am

“Thank You” to each and every one of the awesome people we call family that came to Spaghettifest 15: THE PARTY OF THE YEAR! WE LOVE YOU ALL.
Words cannot express what this Festival means to Midnight Spaghetti, and how appreciative we are of everyone who makes their pilgrimage to our weekend of magic in the woods.
Cheers to the artists, fans, vendors, crew, and everyone who helped this dream come true. SPAGHETTIFEST 15 is officially in the books. Enjoy all your new friends/artists and we will see you at the next Midnight Spaghetti Party soon! SHARE YOUR PICTURES, STORIES, AND VIDEOS.
SPAGHETTIFEST RADIO SEASON 4 will be announced soon!
Listen to 3 seasons of episodes now on
and celebrate the music /sets from the previous years!


Posted May 23, 2016 at 7:37 am

Thank you to all the awesome fans, friends, and family that attended the Majengo Benefit event in Fairfax, Va. It is great to see the direct impact donations can have on the success of these children. Please get involved in any way you can with charities like this one.
In band news, after a very creative break from shows after the 13 years of funk run, Midnight Spaghetti has decided to hold off July touring schedules to record our 3rd studio album. With new songs that haven’t been heard at shows yet, we are very excited to bring to you a new chapter of the Spaghetti Sound. This should release in late 2016 early 2017.
Keep posted as we will announce fall tour dates, and other new MSP events in the horizons. Secretive plans for Spaghettifest 14 are under-way for Sept 30 and Oct 1st.(you have to be reading this to know this top secret info). Artist Submissions and more on the location will be announced this week. Spaghettifest Radio, our new live station that celebrates the many artist who have been a part of the event, will be source of all Spaghettifest announcements, and will be heading the selection process this year.
If you haven’t strolled through our site, get lost in an old show you attended by looking our past events calendar and listening to the many samples of 13 years of funk. That’s right, as our new site calendar is updating, we are adding recordings of all the shows from day one to present that have been recorded. As we continue to fortify our personal archive, images, videos, and audio from any event documented will be available in sync with the calendar and our appropriate pages. We look forward to bringing our 14th year of Independent Music and Productions, and a Renaissance of the Funk.