21st BIRTHDAY SHOW + THE FANTASTIC FARM + plans for 2024/25

Posted February 2, 2024 at 6:34 pm

The band will be playing 2 shows this month to celebrate 21 years of funk. Looking ahead to 2024, the group is looking to finally finish all work on the “Another World” album (yes we have said this a lot, but sometimes good things take time, and we have been doing good things). All proceeds from our merchandise are still funding our Nicaragua Housing and Stage Project with FNEI. We are hoping to fundraise enough this year to complete the project by 2025. YOU CAN HELP BY PURCHASING OUR COOL MERCH, OR DONATING TO FNEI! TELL THEM IT IS PART OF THE SPAGHETTI PROJECT, OR YOU CAN TELL THEM TO DIRECT THE FUNDS TO ANY OF THEIR OTHER WONDERFUL PROGRAMS YOU WANT TO SUPPORT. Although we did not travel to Mexico this year for Spaghettifest South, plans for our next event are coming together for an experience true friends and fans know as the original Spaghettifest South experience.

You might see some changes to midnightspaghetti.com in the coming weeks. We hope to have our new site float soon, with a fresh new look as we make plans to play more shows in 2024 and 25. Thank you for your support all these years. Midnight Spaghetti is going to bring the funk harder than ever so grease up your gears and do the twist!