A little something to get you by?

Posted September 21, 2020 at 3:49 pm

Spaghettifest Radio season 7 continues on Spaghettifest.com or just listen right here. TONIGHT 8/10 @ 9:30 episode 9!

Midnight Spaghetti had a wonderful time at the Fantastic Farm live streaming on Labor Day weekend. Audio and Video from the performance will be available soon. SPAGHETTFEST RADIO SEASON 7 will have it’s 12 Studio episode 9/21/20 and a special broadcast from the MS show 9/26.

Release of The Another World studio album will remain delayed until a safe date to have a normal release concert and tour. The group will be syndicating Spaghettifest Radio and making their music available on a new station that collaborates with artist worldwide to raise funds and awareness for the efforts of a charitable organization called FNE. The Station is called TNBT and launched a week ago. We have been involved with this project for a while, and a 24/7 audio link will be available soon.